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This website provides information on Medtronic’s cardiac device features including programming information, feature operation, clinical evidence, examples and comparison of features across models.


Learn what features are available and how they operate in pacemakers, ICDs and CRTs.


See what features are available across Medtronic’s pacemaker, ICD and CRT device models.

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Products and therapies referenced on this site as well as the materials available for viewing and download are based on US approved products and conditions of use.

This website is provided for general educational purposes only and should not be considered the exclusive source for this type of information. At all times, it is the professional responsibility of the practitioner to exercise independent clinical judgment in a particular situation. Changes in a patient's disease and/or medications may alter the efficacy of a device's programmed parameters or related features and results may vary. The device functionality and programming described on this site are based on Medtronic products and can be referenced in the published device manuals.